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Home automation solutions

LUXOM is very subtle in your home. The small but pleasant change instantly increase your enjoyment at home. You are free to choose the type of switch or lighting you want. Take for instance the function: 'all lights off' upon leaving your home, together with 'turn down central heating'. You probably won't be able to live without it after day one.

The Luxom BUS system is based on the IP protocol, but has been adapted to the needs of a building.

The BUS cable can be laid wherever you want, with branches wherever you want, which considerably simplifies extensions and changes of the installation. Your Luxom installation can be used creatively with all possible future IP applications. 

Below is a summary of some applications and solutions for your home or building.

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Energy savings

Energy is optimized and only used when wanted.

Passive solar energy optimized with motorised sunblinds. 

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If no one is home? No heating or cooling.
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Luxom creative home solutions ensures an optimum and sustainable home.

Ease of use, no worries, Luxom is in line with the needs and rhythm of your family. 

Well-being means optimum satisfaction thanks to the efficiency of the Luxom system.

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In case of a fire. Ventilation is turned off .

Access control. Are the children home from school?

In case of a water leakage. The incoming water is turned off.

Always be notified on your phone

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Highly customizable through open APIs and pre-made templates.

Drivers are available for many of the popular visualization vendors.

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Ease of use

In a combination of any of our visualization techniques , you can

control all aspect of your home and everyone can do it. 

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Large projekt? Small project?

No matter your ideas we got solutions for you. Share your thoughts and lets build it.


At Luxom we have found products that works great with our system.

A lot of these products we proudly present in our webshop. Some are for special use cases so you are welcome to discuss your project with us.

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